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Cat Boarding in Kitty Condos

Custom made Kitty City Condo's are strong, durable, high pressure laminate lined with rounded corners and raised no drip edges.  Polyester resin is poured in all interior corners and forms the face of the cage.  This exclusive process seals and bonds the unit.  The gate is made of solid anodized aluminum.  An 8" raised bench for kitty to rest on is completely finished with poured corners and face and has no edges.  

The porthole with removable door allows one or more cats to go into its adjoining room.   The door lifts up and out so there is no chance of it falling. Kitty City has loads of activities for our curious minded feline friends.  Catnip toys, scratching post, hideaway carpeted activity units, individual quality time plus more!  

Rate per night is $25 single occupancy and $32 double occupancy (2 cats from same family sharing one condo).

*If kitty brought a canine friend to stay in our resort at the same time, each kitty stays for only $22 per night!

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